Sunshine Hosiery Mills

Historic Hosiery Mill

Light industry Downtown

Although the building ceases to exist, Sunshine Hosiery Mills was a booming hosiery factory once located on S. Church Street. Founded in 1920 by Francis Garant and his father, the mill provided jobs to the community  shortly after World War I. Hosiery was big business during the 20th century in Middle Tennessee. On average, workers could make up to $7.00 per week for working 70 hours.  

Mabel Robertson, who was once the oldest  person in  Murfreesboro worked there as a young woman. She was just 17 years old when she began and worked as an inspector for 15 years, earning roughly $7.25 a week. Upon her 106th  birthday in 2017, she was given a photo of herself working at the mill in 1928.

Sunshine Hosiery Mills closed its doors 1952, after surviving through WWI, the Great Depression, and WWII. By 1954, the building was auctioned off and by 1987, the remainder of the property was demolished. The Sunshine Hosiery Mills company transformed fashion for many women.